Friday, August 28, 2020

Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Undead Wood

 It's here, yay!! Kanaan & Tilney are off on their third adventure, and it's a weird one, my friends. Check out THE CASE OF THE UNDEAD WOOD at these fine retailers now.

Cover by Aisha Akeju

Praeternaturals—people with paranormal powers—all over Boston know Lowell Kanaan and John Tilney for their discretion and forthrightness as private detectives. They’re also about to move in together, and John seems to be dragging his feet for reasons Lowell can’t fathom. Personal worries are quickly put aside, however, when they get a top-priority case: someone has introduced a blight into the Terran Garden, a kind of living graveyard for dormant Terrans who’ve become one with trees.

Most blights don’t cause trees to start craving human flesh, but somehow, this one has, and one Gardener is already dead. If Lowell and John can’t navigate the back-channels of Terran politics and secrecy quickly enough, more dead will certainly follow. Accusations abound: a Necromorph revenge plot, a widower’s anger, a friend’s jealousy, political maneuvering, or simply an ugly accident. The only thing that’s clear is the carnage will get worse until Lowell and John discover who introduced this new blight and why they’d desecrate sacred Terran ground.

Just when Lowell was starting to think he’d seen it all… foliage zombies.

For sneak peeks, a quiz to find out which faction you'd fit into (aka what kinds of superpowers you'd have!), and a great giveaway, follow the blog tour. It starts today at XTreme Delusions with a plotty excerpt. Next week it moves to My Fiction Nook, Joyfully Jay, Love Bytes, Books Tattoos and Tea, and Great Ace Club, where it's the book of the month!

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